Sports Massage

2 January 2019

Sports massage involves massaging large groups of muscles on the human body. These are primarily the muscles of the back group and the legs from the back and front. This massage is recommended before strenuous physical exertion, which is not necessarily a sport, but also after strenuous physical exertion. Depending on when you take it, it will prepare your muscles and body for physical exertion or help your body recover faster from physical exertion by accelerating the lactic acid, which is a normal physiological product of muscle work.

Intensive vigorous massage treatment, predominantly with Swedish massage courses for pre- and post-treatment of active muscle and joint work associated with sports activities.

Refreshing, warming, relaxing, regenerating massage applied in the field of sport. Anyone can use it to increase agility, relax muscles, relieve muscle swelling, relieve pain, and recover from full recovery after rehabilitation of injuries. It enhances performance and has a calming effect on the athlete. Pre-Exercise Massage maintains peak muscle flexibility, reduces stiffness and increases load capacity. After exercise, it relieves muscle tension and removes lactic acid from the athlete's muscle fever.

Before sporting activities: warm-up and performance-enhancing, reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries.

After sport: Relax, reduce muscle fever and promote muscle metabolism.

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