Aromatherapy Massage

2 January 2019

Personalized massage with oil of aromas and aromatherapy

Sweet almond oil, with multiple properties, very good plasticity and elasticity, is extracted from the almond seed. These seeds have excellent energetic and dietary virtues and contain a high amount of proteins, fatty sugars and salt. The oil obtained from these seeds is rich in Vitamin A, with excellent alloying and antioxidant properties. Ideal for any type of massage that you want to perform, including those performed during lactation and / or pregnancy periods.

Essential oils are beautiful drops that retain the curative intelligence of plants and flowers. Obtained by distillation or maceration of aromatic plants, they constitute the very essence of the plant, because they contain, in an extremely concentrated manner, all its active ingredients. His greatest interest is the fact that they do not remain on the surface of the skin, but they penetrate, thanks to their molecular structure and at the same time they also act through smell, directly on the nervous system (aroma effect therapeutic).

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