Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage

2 September 2019

What is a Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi-Lomi is a traditional massage from Hawaii. Special technique is used in ancient times, and today there are countless techniques and movements. However, there are two things that all lomi-lomi massages have in common: one is the presence of soft, wave-like movements and the other is that it is stress relieving and soothing.

The massage consists of soft, wave-like, continuous movements that extend to the whole body, so you will benefit from exotic massage from the sole to the head. The soft technique soothes the body in a short period of time, making the muscles much more relaxed. The mind also shuts down completely, so in times of stress, we strongly recommend Hawaiian massage. Calm movements are accompanied by movement of the joints, so that the strained neck, hips and legs are completely reborn. As a result of this amazing and stunning technique, you will be guaranteed a relaxed massage and a perfect sleep for the evening.

Lomi-Lomi relieves muscle nodes, relieves joint pains, rheumatic complaints, stimulates blood circulation, relieves tension, stress, relieves headaches, relieves sleep and concentration disorders, and soothes. During the massage you will completely switch off and forget even your most depressing thoughts. Spiritually calms down and dissolves.

If you are looking for a new massage and want to experience something special, be sure to try the magic Lomi-Lomi Hawaii Massage.

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